Obloga z zračnimi mehurčki

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  • Air Bubble Wrap

Obloga z zračnimi mehurčki

The air bubble wrap is one of the most popular protective packaging material in the market now:
  • Na začetku ni zraka, prihranite veliko prostora za shranjevanje in stroške pošiljanja.
  • Z zračno blazino ga je enostavno napihniti, kar bo pripomoglo k izboljšanju učinkovitosti pakiranja
  • Prihrani stroške pakiranja, saj lahko za varno pakiranje blaga uporabite manj materiala.

Air Bubble film will help to solve below problems easily

Do you know the difference between air bubble film and traditional small bubble wrap? We can obtain the following analysis.
Take essential toner as an example, air bubble film can save  63% cost compared with traditional bubble wrap.
Air bubble film have break lines for every piece, tear easily, save packaging cost and improve working efficiency.
Inflate air bubble foils just in need, with small volume to release the space pressure in your warehouse.

With ISO certificate, Senipack has strict quality controlling system in production,  below will show you the difference between our packaging material and others material in the market:

Our company uses the United Kingdom, the German Standardization association and the European standardization committee to build a top rubber and plastic performance testing laboratory.

We have most of the sizes in stock, can offer a quick delivery time.
Customized printing on the material is acceptable.
Material Velikost Debelina Velikost lista Premer mehurčkov
PE PE/PA biološko razgradljiv 20cm*32cm*300m 15um/18um/20um/25um/30um/40um ali prilagojeno 20cm*32cm 2,0 cm/2,5 cm/3,5 cm
25cm*32cm*300m 25cm*32cm 2,0 cm/2,5 cm/3,5 cm
30cm*32cm*300m 30cm*32cm 2,0 cm/2,5 cm/3,5 cm
40cm*17cm*300m 40cm*17cm 3,5 cm
40cm*20cm*300m 40cm*20cm 3,5 cm
40cm*25cm*300m 40cm*25cm 3,5 cm
40cm*32cm*300m 40cm*32cm 2,0 cm/2,5 cm/3,5 cm
57cm*32cm*300m 57cm*32cm 2,0 cm/2,5 cm/3,5 cm
80cm*32cm*300m 80cm*32cm 2,0 cm/2,5 cm/3,5 cm
100cm*32cm*300m 100cm*32cm 3,5 cm

The size will be different before inflated and after inflated, below is a sample for 40x32cm x300meters. The black word is the size before inflated, the red word is the size after inflated.

As for air bubble size, we have sizes for choosing

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